I paint flowers 
their inner meaning;
as time crushes 
their petals.

Perspective, my friend, 
is the wildest of all weeds, 
but the most sincere 
as you unfold its roots, 
and see what is 
beyond your needs. 

If a flower grows 
untouchable from time, 
who is there to kill? 

If you think you want, 
then you have already 
been crushed;
limited within dust. 

The eyes itching 
with suffering 
are within you, 
and even
the stubborn reality 
of the other's tears 
is also perpendicular 
to your sight. 

You can alter
their banging 
by changing
unless your call
is not to mutate.

Yet, your decision
is void if constant
is transformation. 

Yet, your reality
is valid if eternity
is constrained.

Every creature
has at least 
once been crushed
to the bone, 
but only those 
who acknowledge 
their death 
can actually 
their defeat. 
Suffering, ahh… Such a delightful way to excuse yourself from being better (in your own perspective), yet such excuse lingers because that reality is keeping you still in a comfort zone.

What is a comfort zone? That which you know that should not alter your set of established beliefs (i.e. non-changeable in sight of proof of otherwise). These beliefs are very dangerous (just in certain perspectives) because they entrap in the boat of fear. In that boat, you are afraid of jumping off into the non-understood because there is a belief that you are deep in sea, so you would drown; whereas in reality you are only in shallow waters. You might be in a small lake, but your beliefs make you think you are within an ocean.

When you actually reach the ocean, then you will know what fear really is like, not as a threat to your belief, but as an organic and touchable one, and then freedom will lurk as you understand the root of fear: Could it be death or the non existence of who you think you are? Could it be desires? Could it be an unconscious notion of fear created by trauma? Could it be your sense of powerlessness? Each person has their own windows, so reach out for your own answers. What seems contradictory might not be from another perspective, so do not be fooled by the first glance at things, those that are within your set of quite established beliefs.

Returning to the notion of a possible death in relation to change and eternity…

Both, eternity and change, are bound together. Eternity is at the same time a constant of transformation, but also eternity is untouchable from time as it is a property that is made itself from time. If one is attached to something, time then appears as an entity separated from our desires as we need time to obtain such goal. If one removes the object of our desire from our psyche, then what would appear to be a property of time would be released from the observer. Thus, time (although present as a property within eternity) would not be felt. Could this be? Could only our subjective experiences tell us? (Could mathematics-science explain this in the future?) Who knows…?! Let’s wait and be right, wrong, both or none.

Signature Lina Ru