as if it were a window
to a faraway land. 

your worries away, 
magical spirits 
being painted 
as your mind 
fades away.

as if your soul 
were a vessel 
to the unknown. 

a memory 
until it becomes foam, 
and fades away
into the ocean 
that gave birth 
to its bubbly 

as if reality 
were the shadow 
of your creation. 

the eternal moments
in a piece of cloth
until from its fabric 
rises the beast of time 
made you.

The being 
that was once trapped 
is now raging in pain!

What has been done?!

Don't comply 
with the monster's wrath; 
ordering you to live his fate.  

Unaware of your strengths, 
escape from its fury 
by doodling yourself away, 
doodle deeper,
doodle toward the cosmos, 
doodle yourself away
into the silence 
you chose to forget 
which knows the being
better than yourself.

If you do doodle, 
beware of the beast 
unless you are ready 
to doodle yourself away.
Within ourselves lies a beast, triggered by our thoughts. The beast is the emotional being unleashed as if it had the power to rule our decisions through a splash of hormones. The only way to put the beast on fire is to stop the chain of destructive thoughts before they take control over our self. If it is not stopped, then one enables the cyclical vice toward self condemnation (which is nurtured by fear) until something happens that makes us stop. That is to become aware of ourselves, and then doodle the fear away. What is the trigger of fear? What is fear and how profound is it within our structures of thought and belief? Why is fear so important to understand in order to reach peace?
Signature Lina Ru