What if there is perfection, 
but there is also the non-perfect, 
both as a perfect-non-perfection,
being cooked as a single flower. 

Imagine the flower, 
layered with different 
types of experience. 

The flower might
be visually perfect, 
so you taste it, 
and it reminds you 
of a delightful 

A friend interrupts
your insightful 
eats the petal
and says: Yuck!

A stranger stops by, 
and sees a hurt flower, 
trapped within 
the boundaries 
of its judgments. 

Saying nothing, 
you know 
there is something
within his experience
that reminds you
of the flower.

You ask him: 
Why did you 
stop here?

The stranger replies: 
Focus on the flower, 
then observer your hand; 
let it become unfocused 
until the hand becomes 
a blurred vision of the flower. 

If you can't, 
you are trying 
too hard. 

Relax and let 
your conceptual 
take a nap
as you unveil
the true nature 
of your hand. 

If all you see 
is defined by others,
then you are bound
to be someone else.

The defined limit
of your focused hand 
is only a layer 
of experience,

If all you see 
is defined 
by your insight, 
then you 
are doomed 
to be an outcast. 

Balance the act!

He then 
becomes silent,
and you realize 
instantly that
the stranger 
is you.

An outsider
that your judgments 
are an extension 
of your fears, 
so much pain. 

Don't cry! 

We are born 
with a blurry vision, 
but as time flows 
we are expected 
to define and perfect 
our perspectives, 
but what if
such definition
is lacking? 

Focus on the hand, 
make it a flower, 
and reach 
its blossom.

Is there 
such thing 
as perfection? 

Who cares!

Be yourself.

It is then 
that a flower of hope
is born. 
Perfection is an interesting concept, but one that is always defined by a layer of experience, and therefore a layer of thought. In the absolute silence of judgments, there is a perfect-non-perfection that irradiates every single thing because it is not my desire (and what others desire) which creates something perfect, but my inner state of being. If I am a perfect-non-perfection being which is free from my own judgments, then I can start understanding liberty. Be flowers of hope!
Signature Lina Ru