Open your mind 
to the greatest 
voyage of all, 

to its intrinsic power 
as it changes your core 
from its passionate depth.

					Listen intensively, 
so its presence 
becomes the essence 
of enlightenment.

					Listen to its silence
as it transforms your mind
into a blossom 
of understanding.

					Listen deeply, 
so its evangelical nature
can be translated into a choice, 
not an absolute voice.

Choosing a judgment, 
until insight strikes again,
and the voyage changes its sail 
into the land of my unknown.

					Observing it all!  
Insight is an enchanting concept that illuminates our conception of reality. However, as certain as insight might feel, one must be aware of its limits. Each awareness conceptualized as insight is limited to the information one used to gain it. Therefore, if one takes an insight as an absolute belief one will be locked into a concept that is a choice, and once more information is gathered it would probably change. Insight is an evolving process until one is able to observe it all… Is that possible? Is insight a tool to work through a moment or a static “belief” notion of truth? That is up to you to decide…
Signature Lina Ru