Pollen falls 
from the heavens, 
a bubbling presence 
that explains it all. 

If all were 
that simple,
who wouldn't 
be pollinated 
by its contradiction, 
the shadow?

If all were 
as complicated, 
why are 
the worldly aspects
so concrete?

From a chaste to a belief, 
an imposition of logic
makes its way 
by recreating
in a mind 
made of 

Who am I to reject 
such elaborate arguments 
of logical imposition?

A flower in the midst 
of an act of contrition,
where who 
I thought I was 
is bent 
to give birth 
to those 
their own 

A shadow 
is a memory 
that cannot fade 
it is nurtured 
by the experience 
that emanates 

In this dance 
of winning an argument, 
no one wins because 
in a game of reproduction 
there is no growth, 
yet in its pollinating contradiction,
only the creative see beyond belief.

Celestial pollen 
is demystifying 
through the fertile 
flowers of awareness.

Each time 
the celestial pollen 
reaches the fertile, 
not to reproduce, 
but to create 
what is insight; 
then a portal 
is opened,
but the room
becomes smaller
when its shadow 
is born.   

What will you 
do if the celestial pollen 
touches your fate?

Will you fall 
into the delight 
of the shadow 
or will you let 
it grow into light?

In such instance, 
there will be 
no more room,
only insight.
Contradiction is an intellectual phase that nurtures growth, but when this contradiction becomes the whole fascination of a perspective, then it falls into a lack of creativity where the only way out is not thinking. Sometimes contradictions are the perfect opportunity to learn what does silence mean, and in time experience what actually mysticism is. However, if one gets lost in the contradiction, then the wholeness disappears and obsession and desire takes its place.
Signature Lina Ru