Desire not,
and find freedom.

This is a
of reality;
they say.

So it all seems
to be dismissed
in a past
that reminds

Desire not,
and experience
your inner glory.

How can
apply to the inner
workings of reality?

There are certain affairs
that have no social contract,
and although interpreted
as self centered,
what would happen
if in the deepest solitude
one could find
the greatest generosity?

All that has been taught
is to yearn for a future
where action seems to be applied
because it seems that in the past
action was engraved.

So, yearning
becomes our ruler,
and us the ruled.

Was it because it is
in desire where
fear is bred?

Was it because it is
in fear where sadness
nurturers constant

Was it because it is
in frustration where anger
provides a vehicle
for self-destruction?

Was it because it is
in self-destruction
where hatred
is nurtured?

So, I ask:
what would happen
if I understood desire
from its incipient clinging
to its tornado of rage
as I unfold
the truth
of impotence?

Open your mind
to the question above,
the source of violence
within yourself,
and though introspection
observe patiently until
your reality blossoms
in petals of peace.

Do not crave not desiring;
instead observe the yearning
so it doesn’t have power
over you, nor you have
the duty of empowering it.

Mindful attention,
my dear self,
find reality
by myself.

For it is
not a way
to foretell,
but a “me”
to face deep
in the root
of desire.

To fully understand desire, there is no other option but to observe oneself. No one can and should tell you what is good for you *this includes my interpretation of reality*, but if you do believe in other’s faith… Be aware of the consequences of that belief. Is your belief based on fear or personal internal experiences?

If your belief is based on fear you will be aggressive to others because you must defend something which you are not really certain about. However, if you do know the truth is within you, why fight for a belief that needs not to be proven as you know the truth?

Peace is certainty. Are you in peace? How did you find security? Will security come from the outside or inside? Will it ever be found in the outside? Aware of the violent times we live in social structures, I see peace will never be outside of oneself. It happens that we are in tug of war.

Violence is fear. Open your eyes to the truth, and ask: What am I afraid of? What is the role of my desires in relation to fear as I cling to something or someone?

Signature Lina Ru