Walking barefoot, clouds singing,
a choir engaging with the dance 
of a thousand seagulls. 


The flight of the graceful,
letting life flow beneath their feet
as if nothing could harm them

(Nothing can)

as if clouds were an extension of their feet

(We fly)

as if they truly were free.

(Because we are)

Freedom begins with a smile.


It grows into our thoughts.

If you entrap those thoughts, 
there is sorrow, so tomorrow
let them flow, let the seagulls
find their path while you
walk barefoot as clouds sing. 
This poem is a representation of the cochlea. The representation of clouds reminds us of its membranes. What we hear can become our thoughts, so in thinking let sound pass as if you were just a vessel, not the container. Let’s remember that you cannot actually hear, but your brain perceives through a nerve and transforms the stimuli into brain signals that you recognize as the truth.
Signature Lina Ru