Have you ever entered the deepest of yourself and felt the most absorbing silence? It is that place where one can find the garden of fire. Its fearless breath transforms those who touch you, and its presence illuminates the book of a thousand tales with a single smile. It seems as if you were falling into the breath of death but fear no more; there is no such thing as death. Tales have been told and we have seen bodies dissolve, but our stories lack the vision of a hawk.

In the hawk’s eyes, this picture is shown:
In the garden of fire
you stand, strong,
ahead of illusion,
calling the enemy
to join the flowery
redemption that awaits
those who in fear reject
the light that burns
your deepest secrets.

In the garden of fire
let them ignite
through the passion
of your bravest heart
that knows no darkness
as you are empty
of power.

In the garden of fire
you are, you are
not the driving force
of event horizon,
and in such humility
you remain,
falling into ashes,
falling into you,
falling into that
that gave you birth,
falling into that
that gives birth
to a renewed glow,
to a renewed you.
And so after the death of that which you believe to be, you are born again… Falling into you.
Signature Lina Ru