Senseless and hurt, the path has shown us that we cannot keep turning our sight away from the boundaries we have set for the sake of security. These limits have been imposed by those who want to contain us within their ways. The solution I propose is to find out by ourselves who we truly are, but what does this mean?

I’ve been tampered with, 
I can’t feel anymore,
tell me softly, 
                       am I free?

There are no clouds
                                 holding my fall.

Weary from the excuses, 
                                I breathe deeply,
a sour taste expands,
                            those restraints melt
and I float away.

Is this oblivion? No,
                             I am a citrus flower
drifting toward 
                                      the orchard 
of my blossomed 

This time no one will stop me;
                             no armour nor chair,
no title nor cycle, 
                            no money nor promise,
no more praise nor disgrace
                  will return me to those chains.
I’ll craze you suffering, ‘cause
                           I am freedom itself; 
           nothing less!
Now is your time to observe the natural beauty that you are, being… Being free is not a path, but a constant inspiration, a passion flowing deep within, revealing the source of the real, you. But who are you? Do you really know? Or are you a shadow of those who impose those chains making you believe you are what they desire from you?
Signature Lina Ru