There was a group of people who sought to control everyone. The act of control gave them the illusion of security, but why? They did not understand who they were. In order to compensate that inner void, they created goals. The oldest man of the group was about to die. Death was the only threat that could not be controlled. So, one night after waking up from a bad dream the old man realized that the more he controlled others, the less he understood himself. He knew death was around the corner, and there was no more use in lying to himself.

Death was the ultimatum! Although he had created all these goals, he realized that he would succumb to nature; the same nature that he had constantly had been destroying for nearly a century. This realization provoked a deep pain within the depths of his chest. It was the first time he had felt his oppressed soul. All these years, he had thought that he had been free because he had pressured government officials or even changed the law whenever he needed to break it. He always got all the things he wanted and possessed all that he had dreamed. However, deep inside laid the truth: The old man had never really known liberty, and now falling into death it was shown to him that:

	   Oppressed soul
	sentient goal
			keeps the call
		  insentient crawl,
	always sore,
					never whole,
			is this us?

						ruining soul,
			running gold
						made of foul
			never free,
			always sore,
is this home?

			Popsicle prickles
						wake up from
	the trick o’ tickle
	strawberry lips,
					cherry trips,
	merry go guilt,
			is the fibber?

			Deny the liar
			their lair!

								Seek power
			become a coward!

								Let flower
			become a tower!

			Stop being foolish
			better let flourish
								who you really are.

There is something within oneself that knows truth beyond suffering.

The old man died. He learned too late what had all those years remained hidden beneath layers of sorrows and fear: But you? Yes, YOU! Will realize this truth before it is too late to breathe?


Greed has corrupted our identity to the point that we no longer know who we really are. We are mindless goal seekers. We destroy our surroundings believing we have a right to destroy. Why? Oppression and repression has become the norm, and this has led us to perpetuate lies rather than the striving toward truth. People are dying of hunger while others fight endlessly in a game of offense and defense. How can we change our surroundings?

Do you really want change? Do you really want a better world? Search deep inside of you, find out who you really are, and challenge tradition. Do not follow authority. Be critical. Do not let any group of power control your morality. Find out for yourself what really brings fulfillment to your being! Let the lies that have brainwashed your true identity vanish from your belief system! Remember that those who seek to control are less powerful than those who let the storm pass but remain peaceful in place. It is time for you to stand up! Do not let those who believe to have power move you! Let the truth set you free!

Signature Lina Ru