Sun of infinite 
								 		becomes briefly
				a forgotten star
										  by falling
				into the horizon 
								 			of trembling 

								Don't fear 
							in those moments 
						  of eventual darkness. 

							A shadowy world 
										is brightened 
					by simple 
										of truth, 
										a realization 
				that everything
				has its inner meaning, 
										a wholeness ingrained
							into every single beach 
							of endless crystal waves. 

							 Beyond the horizon
			lies the sun of imaginary tales, 
							one that will surge from its fables
		with the force of an irreverent 
						cognition that defies tradition.

						Each and every moment
		turning darkness into light,
										light into transcendence,
			transcendence into love
								       because the brightest star
			in its infinite circularity
		  	         				  	will never stop dreaming
			    as long as you can imagine
							    	the sun.
Signature Lina Ru