Science in its groundness is humble. 
Arrogance only leads to ignorance. 
Our fears seek to fulfill self-serving delusions:
void of understanding, void of compassion. 

Science in its grounding is humbleness, 
teaching us that we are not the center of the universe
but a blink of an eye that comes from exploded stars.  

We are universes scattered throughout the shorelines of existence, 
but at the same time we are not. 

We are the center of conscious awareness, 
but at the same time we are not.  

We are a consciousness that comes from the most tragic event of all, 
the death of a star, 
but at the same time it is the most joyous experience of all, 
the beginning of life. 

We want to be the center, 
but we are already the center of awareness, 
so why do we feel the need to convince others of our power? 

We are the center, but we are not. 

We are a planet in the middle of nowhere
trying to find meaning and purpose 
when all meaning and purpose 
has already been exposed to us 
as the first star died. 

We are here to prepare to die, 
to die as the star that gave birth to us, 
to die to give birth to new life that will not err as we did, 
to die to return to the star of stars, 
to die to connect in giveness 
as it was given to us to survive throughout our existence, 
humbly connected in a network of continual renewal;
so what is most magnificent and still humbling experience? 

Both treasures: 
Not knowing, but being the poetic act; 
knowing while still being poetry. 

Knowing, but still ignorant. 
Ignorance as the acceptance of our limits,
the humbling desire to be the poetic act. 

However, ignorance as the betrayal of the star’s death
is the denial of your poetic being. 
Such ignorance is portrayed to others as arrogance 
by trying to convince others with self-indulgent lies. 
Still convinced you are the center of the universe, 
you deceive those who hunger for truth
but don’t know how to observe with transparency.  

You, neurotic narcissist, stop lying to yourself 
and realize the greatest act of compassion: 
The biggest star in your life died for you. 

Literally, it died transcending the cross 
with an unconditional giveness, 
and because of such death, you are aware.

As long as such transcendent awareness exists, 
why do you betray yourself and the universe 
that sleeps within you? 

Humble yourself!  

Feel the relevance of your existence,
but at the same time feel the fulfillment 
of simply being another consciousness.  

Feel the irrelevance of having a consciousness 
just as animals, trees, and even glorious stars do, 
but at the same time feel the blissful consciousness, 
a humanitarian consciousness; 
your poetic heart.  

The poetic act of science is the realization 
that our origins are mysterious 
and the imagination that surrounds us,
our curiosity, is eternally expanding. 

Knowledge, never wholly complete, is in us. 

It is in our striving toward completion,
our striving into becoming poetic, 
that we become transcendent enough 
to understand we are the universe 
looking at itself: hoping, dreaming, 
experiencing itself until the mirror 
becomes clear enough to observe ourselves 
without the fog of our delusions. 

In such transparency, may our humble poetics 
become aware of the universe as giveness, 
as love, as unconditional, as creating itself 
all over again as a fortuitous star exploding, 
giving itself to us as we will one day give 
ourselves to others: becoming an exploding star 
while still breathing, a poetic heart beating.  
First, we must humble ourselves through science:

Next, feel transcendence through the poetics of science:

Signature Lina Ru