A nightingale 
					touches its nest
					hoping to sing
					as if its home 
					were an 
					endless river 
					of renewal 
					that knew 
					no vain. 

Who will come 
after him?
	Who sings 
	the shadow 
	of his future?
		Peeking are his 
		hidden passions
		that sprout
		with his song. 

The nightingale 
has forgotten 
how to live 
in freedom:
			How can 
			one love?
			The only answer 
			is silent; set 
			by example.

Profound knowledge 
can be written in trees
but those can be set in fire; 
so how can you speak 
without imposing?

The children of love
know what the adult
has forgotten;
			only those young 
			within their nest
			can fly into their
			inner most depth.


Don't be shy; 
			you learned 
			by example.
You change 
by setting a 
new life
Sometimes, we get so accustomed to the past ways that seem to work that we cannot accept the fact that those old ways are in fact creating more frustration than release of your inner self.

Being a child of love means to be willing to go back to those days when all that mattered was to feel alive, and not to have money on the bank. Fulfillment is something deeper, and only those who return to their inner hearts of innocence can feel the passion waiting to be relived.

Signature Lina Ru