If cemeteries had no tombstones...

If poetic pieces were upon 
trees that grow from our lover's ashes, 
forests would become sacred again. 

Rather than adorning our defunct
with polymers, flowers that never 
die, burr grass, numbers carved shallow in
stones, we could allow art to heal our 
losses, honor through the poetic,
an expression that is devoured by 
nature as it eats hungry our loved.   

If we entrust ourselves to nature,
honour death as a transformation, 
blissful expansion, what is, becomes
historical, a timeless mentor,
our humble reconciliation 
with the fact that we all need to leave
a warm trail worth of a yesterday.
If we entrust ourselves to nature,
our power would tell us to return 
the lilies, the moist breath it gave us 
as a favor, even the struggles,  
mismatched flavours, tingling sensations,
despite fugacity, once planted 
actions would bounce, lingering echoes
stretching toward the last horizon 
of another, whose sunshine is you. 

If cemeteries had no tombstones, 
our history would stand in stillness, 
chirps and tweets would free us from the fear
of death, honoured could we grow to be
one of them, sucklings still teaching us
how to be an unsynced unity 
that at last unites death with life, not
morbidly, but in a way that heals
those who hunger for significance
in vastness, seeking to reconcile 
the past with the present, so we can;
the future can forge a stream amongst 
the boughs that now flow, breathe, grow, love in
ways we thought would be impossible:
by endearing nature thoroughly,
reaching sacredness as worn out ash
becomes the root we've evermore been.
The concept of planting trees with our ashes already exists. In fact, there is already a company that offers this kind of service: Bios Urn. If you are interested in promoting the creation of these kind of forests, you can support the company’s kickstarter to create a monitor system (incubator) for your urn. This poem is not sponsored by them in any way. If you know about other projects contributing into this idea of transforming cemeteries into forests, please comment below.

Signature Lina Ru