After an idea is born, what happens with its spirit? We can capture ideas or we can let them free. The path that captures ideas is most arrogant. The path that releases ideas is most humble. What is the path that you will take? How can you recognize your path? Well, ask yourself: do I associate my identity with my beliefs? If so, did you know that beliefs are simply ideas that have become captured?

Ideas are undead labyrinths dying to find a secret garden  
                                                                    garden {blessed with red sandalwood} 
and a ladder of undying joy that will take us there
                         but its olive heart has been forgotten 
in midst of so much color blindness.

Ideas are trapped in the kingdom of knowledge
                                                                     ideas {once in liberty} 
because we have protruded their bodies 
                        into Ives’ Unanswered Question 
with the arrogance of a thousand wild horses.  

                                                              Ideas are pathways, 
                                                               so vain to become 
                                                            the rulers of their fate.

Ideas could be eternal prisoners in the throne of human pride, 
which impoverishes by staining our children’s petals with shame 
                                                                     petals {the blossom of our future potential}
because there is no worse critic than from the one 
                         who controls the existence of an idea as if itself were its own self.  

                                                 How to heal the entrapment of ideas
                                                         within our raging delusion 
                                                                    of grandeur?

Ideas are born out of rivers of vulnerability 
                   exposed to a humble confidence 
that bursts out of its cocoon when a soft rejoice
                                                               magnifies beauty 
                   as it passes through  a sunrise  
                                                                         sunrise {humming a stream of hope}
that elevates us from the burden of indifference. 

The fertile grounds of ideas are blossoms 
woven into patterns that initiate the opening of branches
                                                                         tree of knowledge {dancers unveiling Mockingbirds}
that defy man's theories of nature as if their innate freedom demanded to be in balance
                         with the flickering flapping of its dreams. 

Ideas could be paths that are constantly being retraced 
by the gardeners of imagination 
                                                                         architects {rebels against the guardians of creativity} 
seeding plentiful of meaning
                         within the orchards of perspective.

          Ideas could be                                                                                                 But who are you
                                Ideas were                                                                        willing to be
                                             Ideas are                                                     now?

So, let us rest our feet in the ocean of collective wanderings where the vastness of our imagination overpowers over our circumstantial desires for power, greed, and control. Thus, releasing the enormous potential {blooming creativity} we hide within. If you choose the flow of creativity, a constant birth of ideas will roam free. These will be born out of love. Will they?

A Mockingbird’s singing cannot be trapped in a cage.
Signature Lina Ru