We are in a state of cultural fragmentation called post-modernism as a reaction to mechanical thinking (e.g. Newtonian Laws). This era of confusion is destroying nature and human equilibrium but there is hope.

We will not fall into the dread of this epoch!

This poem was created for the short movie Blue Planet, a glance into our true nature:

In the heavens,
two hands,
one is God,
the other,
a Big Bang;
who knows
who gave 
birth to this
our Earth?

We are searching
in the vastness 
of the universe
as if it were
a new mirror 
of ourselves.

our reflection  
in the mirror
of the Hubble
release the awe,
a state of wonder 
within our 

In the womb 
of an empty universe,
a bud 
of enlightenment appears,
it is life,
man is born.

Nature is dancing,
performing its gracious 
ritual of opening
and closing,
all is fancy.

The path 
of the conquistador
has been breached, 
traveling and extending
its empire everywhere 
he is able to see,
all feels won. 

In the embrace of success,
men forget what he does,
a figure performing:
The Womb in Fire. 

In a boiling state,
man wonders:
Am I destined to burn?
Will nature survive 
my wrath?

In the womb 
of a miraculous universe,
a flower  
of enlightenment appears,
it is redemption! 

Man has realized,
there is only today,
this moment to change,
this instant to give
a gift to the buds
that have yet
not opened
their wings.

We have only 
one flight,
one earth. 

Let us protect 
our buds.

Our buds 
are our children.

Our buds 
being the beauty 
of this universe. 

Let us enjoy 
the unfolding 
creation through
their eyes,
our buds of life.

The drops of majestic micro
beauty fills our senses of life,
making the macro our home:
a river of elegant flowers,
a flowing forest of creatures,
a windy rainbow of natural art,
a planet covered by the sunshine 
that would mean nothing if 
it were without 
our human heart.

Video Credits: Collaborative Project with Miro Kantarsky and Pier Bedard
Signature Lina Ru