Two travelers from fantasy lands stood aside; looking intensely at each other as if they knew deep within that they were actually one but superficially all they knew was rivalry. They both wanted to be the most powerful in their dream homeland. The one in the left fought in the safety of rules to establish an empire of analysis; dedicating each victory to its god Precision. The other one sought in the openness of imagination to create realities out of nothingness; manifesting the lawlessness of its god Infinity. I stood below them in the middle of the road as a slave of their desires. Who should I follow? In an instant of blueness, a message fell in between the earth and my burning soles.

It was a message from the purgatory; the place of no rulers had spoken as I would never have imagined it could express before:
Please brain,
be compassionate
toward my mind.

[vice versa]

Gently hoist
your weight
from my reign,
and release me
from your hard

Please brain!

Be loving toward
my ignorance,
and let me lift
the veil from
my forehead.

my middle
of keeping
the dread
in my head.
How ignorant had I been! I needed not to follow but to create my own path in between heaven and hell until I transcended both:
Finding my space
in the universe
as a radiant sun
boundaries of place;
finding within myself
the hidden truth
of the blissful

A Balanced Self.
Signature Lina Ru