The elegance of one’s sight
might elevate the ordinary
into a magical might,
starry in its essence,
merry in its mind
as a graceful beehive
that ignites at night
a brilliant echo
made of the eternal,
a crystal glance
of the glass
painted of
grown light.

The sublime
is not a foreign right,
but a present height
as one becomes
an attentive star,
a starry mind.

Our minds are luminous in essence, why? Engage with this question… Is it actually true? What is actually real? This is a question that is left to an intellectual “elite”, but why? Why do we believe in authority figures? Is this a situation that has created the inner violence some of us sometimes live?

Why would it be important for each one of us to engage deeply with the question of reality? What is the truth?

If each one of us could really engage with such questions; then we wouldn’t be guided by some “elites”, instead our own lives would have a purpose that is not defined by a stubborn belief created by an external source of knowledge that creates violence if not complied. Does it?

Signature Lina Ru