I open a window.

The chimney is 
expelling my past.

I watch my old green 
dissolve into gray.  

Smoke enters my room. 

I can't see my face. 
The life I am became gray. 

"Close the window, ignore the past," 
those rich old cigars said.  

I can't! 
    It is not the past
you seek to ignore but
the evergreen present
we can't live without. 

Please, open your window, 
so you can see the Earth
      begging you: 
              Stop smoking gold! 

Clean your lungs by breathing the love 
your false diamond sparkles cannot buy. 
It is time Is it true? Is the green becoming gray? Why is money preferred instead of life? Without life, there is no wealth… Why are we so blind? When will we wake up?
Signature Lina Ru