Fireflies above a misty forest 
telling us the way to go,
toward eternity, forward.

How can we keep going
if there is no backward? 

There is an unanswerable question, but why can't we reach the answer? 
The question about the meaning of our existence is a labyrinth. 
You can never know which way is the correct one, is there even... 

You might try several ways to reach the unreachable goal. 
What more can be done but to remain lost? 

Striving, something is there, 
that something is always fleeting.

                                                         Why persist? 

What is the purpose of a question if it can't be answered? 

Why do we fear that which we most need? Earth. 
Why does fear take hold of the best in us? Mind. 

Perhaps, the questions we are asking are irrelevant.

The labyrinth keeps growing. We are lost in a forest 
that speaks all of our languages. 

Our thoughts fleeting like our goals. 
They change as our consciousness chooses to change. 
We are never static. We are building a new reality with each breath. 
It is all about coming and going. If we can change, why don't we? 

What keeps us trapped in unhealthy patterns of thought? 
It's the pattern, mathematical I am not, but it's still patterns. 

What comfort do we find that motivates us to remain habitual thought unchallenged? 
Perhaps, I've been asking the wrong question, once and again, how can I change?

                                   If I can't cure myself, I need others, 
                          and in needing others, I become myself.

                   I am not willing my existence by myself,
            I become myself by instance of others,
     so change comes by virtue of another. 

But the question is still unanswerable and I become a song that evaporates toward it all
in a labyrinth that leads me to the answer, but now this answer that has no question: 

It's fireflies above a misty forest, 
telling us where to go, 
toward love, everywhere. 
Signature Lina Ru