I wish,
but I must not.

Each time I wish,
I encounter frustration.

I desire,
but I must not.

Each time I desire,
I find suffering.

I want,
but what is
really needed?

Each time I want,
I find there is more
to be needed.

I need,
but who
for more?

Each time
I starve
for justice;
there is
someone else
for more.

In the midst
of such
I find that
the less I need,
the less I want,
the less I desire,
and the less
I wish…

The more
I become
there is
no more
[I must],
to explore.

Enchanting freedom is to be able to be aware of oneself. There is no “actual” right or wrong about how we define enough is enough, but the duty to become aware of that point in oneself widens the whole picture. It all depends on our consciousness and our ability to foresee consequences of our actions. How much is enough? How big is your picture?
Signature Lina Ru