Space invaders, ice attack, snow blown!

Two lovers quarrel, there's no power.
Internet down; there are no flowers.

Trees breaking, souls aching, fully grown! 

Searching for amusement, alone
as they feel as a broken tower. 

Lovers amidst of another quarrel,  
finding their tears frozen, this is it!

Running away from their reality,
ice trees bite back, still no power,
where are space invaders? Ice attack! 

Trapped under our enraged desires,
there is a silent witness, the ice. 

We can't live like this much longer, 
The drops of rain falling, freezing on the trees, with such a weight that made a city sleep without any power, many homes feeling the bite of cold day and night, relentless. Oh, let us be spared of another ice attack as if it were invaders from space!
Signature Lina Ru