What if there’s no past nor future,  
there's just a present spectrum. 

What if the passed is a present 
lingering in white tones1 almost
radio waves, while the future 
is what is blackest2, almost
gamma rays, yet the present 
is multicoloured, wavelengths3
we can normally see, as black
if saturated4, white if bright5,
future opaque, past transparent
upon multilayered observations6. 

Time7 is a colour8 and we are stuck 
in blacks, whites, while subtleties 
tell us: the past is so transparent,
we forget. The future is so obscure,
we can’t see it. If grays are what 
we only see we’ll never understand
why time is colour, not a striking
tick tock that divides us in two
sentences, pitches, wavelengths, 
instants ignored even as absorbed. 

Most of time9 is invisible to us,
we record what we can as a radio
projection, attempt to see futures
beyond probabilities, what could 
happen, too intense, can’t decipher 
the steel chamber10until we collaborate
for a timespectrometer11 to detect 
what we are made through time slits12.

To measure13 what we screwed up, to
accept futures we might not desire14
but happens as we continue to err
as a past's distance stretches into
our present's perpetual circularity15. 
Note: This is my first example of a MetaContextual Poem. I described its origin and justified its creation here: http://beingpoetry.com/inquiry/what-is-metacontextual-poetry/. It is important to note that my metaphoric interpretation of scientific concepts attempts to promote creative thinking, not to simply illustrate knowledge in a poetic way.
  1. lento
  2. stronger
  3. Source: Crash Course Astronomy #24
  4. gamma ray
    meno wavelengths
  5. infrared
    molto wavelengths
    radio waves
  6. measure transmittance and absorbance of memories
    detect different probabilities of compositions Source: BioNetwork
  7. "...the emergence of the arrow of time is directly related to the nature and properties of physical observer." Source: Podolski, Dmitriy, and Robert Lanza. “On Decoherence in Quantum Gravity.” Annalen Der Physik 528, no. 9–10 (October 1, 2016): 663–76. doi:10.1002/andp.201600011.
  8. spectrum
    unfolds ϕ folds
  9. \hat H(\psi) = E(\psi) is the “Schrödinger Equation.” Accessed March 15, 2017. http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/quantum/schr.html.
  10. Source: Schrödinger's Cat by Ted-Ed
  11. as atomic absorbsion spectometry is to uv visible spectometry Source: talkboard.com.au
  12. waves and particles
    observer effect
    interference pattern Source: Double-slit experiment by The Royal Institution
  13. effects of pollution
    collapsing glaciers
    spectrums of transhumanism
  14. wants not needed seconds after getting
  15. ¿pre?determined
    Golden ϕ Ratio
Signature Lina Ru