I crawl into a hardened rock.

uncompassionate mistake

Heat expands my lack of luck.

Why wasn’t I told the red eye
meant infrared vision? I cried
as I realized polarization 
seeded the sewage we smell.

amnesiac mind tunnels 

If halitosis hates mouthwash,
for how long we’ll ignore hate? 
Without soap, bacteria creates
a nest difficult to eliminate.

bleach induced blindness 

It sickens thoughts as the hands
of children go into their mouth. 
Innocence corrupted by fearful
ignorance, how sweet it is to sleep 
unaware of finger-eating critters.

triple guilt, zero remorse, decay

Clouds darken, it’s about to rain.

Pinky finger licked; the symbolic
dies. I forge a distant image 
I can’t forget listeria, cholera,  
the tiny cry, a message rotten
from vomit, screams unscathed,
the dark creases are forgotten. 

If healthcare for us is a luxury,
why is my child not privileged
but your is as your pouch 'rigs'
the desirable, but mine digs
in oceans puffed with garbage? 

pu ff pu ff       sp lit blasted

The ignorant blabbering booboos
have nothing at stake, that’s why,
eat their own eggs at a barbecue 
joint, can ignore the heat, say hi
to the devastation left behind 
a sassy window with a boring report:
The magic wonders of ventilation.

while everyone else stares outside  

Proud of stinginess, they’re allowed 
to batter the ones who can’t defend 
the law as it is for those who afford
to understand it, buy it or even bend 
it in a dance of cha cha la ca S.  

chá la ca ca chá la ca ca   } High
chá calaca chá la ca ca ca } Pitch   
The Neigh Command 
desires to fulminate the essence 
of what's a revolution.

opportunity? equality? liberty?

Cheated by falsity,
arrogance aids the trail of devastation
with hopes to capitalize a degeneration,
arrogant of the consequences, they are,
shallowly selling it as a regeneration. 

Arrogance is the deadliest poison
of the mind, pollutes in seasons, 
blocks transfigurations of beliefs 
until there’s no truth but one’s own,
allowing multiplicity for own gain. 

Suffocated by a unilateral shakedown,
I wait for a humble sunset to awaken
the deceived. Darkness embraces open
spaces for deep reflection to set in,
which the desert’s solitude reaffirms:
Arrogance weeps when its ignorance fails. 
Deceit appalls when ignorance is fragile. 

But before it does, the arrogant 
rain falls upon us with failed 
resolutions, solutions to all ails.

lite re-re-re-re-re-freshening

Fake signs of relief, the rampage 
and devastation are a bone away,  
but the repeated blows don't allow
us to bow to our hyenic consequences. 

If we constantly are arrogantly beaten, 
eventually a heatstroke will teach us
silence, aghast from our past tenses. 

A heatstroke 
is a generation 
blinded by the lure 
of arrogance 
onset by 
deadly greed
polarizing for gain.  

I would have preferred not
experience one, yet 
I’ll learn from it what
is most precious: 

A knowledge expanding

A creative humbleness
that shakes the foundation
without the devastation
of our future generations. 

BE-ing an inspiration 
for the SEVEN 
after us generation.

when logic fails / emotion prevails
measure the spectrums / read binaries
when emotion fails / logic prevails
paint in spectrums / compose machine codes

so babbling booboos can string humanely-sane
ideas especially after quantum computers 

Signature Lina Ru