Unknowingly I met eyes unrequited, 
shivering as an unknown language   
was born, translation of two minds
fabricating a new reality transcended 
the boundaries of flesh, boundless
art undressed each reaction we had,
as if the rhythm of the night could 
read our minds, secret stories offered
as peace treaties no one would ever 
know, counting the minutes to face
what was necessary to breathe light
before knowing what the sky offered
through those eyes, how can time read
each other, Helix1 Nebula? My night 
is far from yours, your cometary knots
percolate as if they were inside my skin, 
essence ebbs as your photoevaporation 
flows, erosion of our molecular clouds
is the beginning of creation, luminous 
stars born from your hydrogen remain 
the mystery behind what is true, I fall
into place as the gravitational constant
connects our nights as dying stars, 
my eyes2 mix with the Eskimo3 Nebula, 
yours in the constellation of Aquarius,
mine in Gemini, pieces of me blow into 
space at high speed, that’s how I know 
I disappeared, as you, Helix, did too, 
intense lightness is what will remain
and if the rhythm of the night comes
to restructure our molecular thoughts, 
what might we be afterwards will flourish
as unknown globular clusters that dream 
going beyond ourselves as interstellar 
dust that finds its way to TRAPPIST-1e.4 

Intermission (video)


sand dunes float 
around the timeless   

hands search nebulae 
capture time instead 

eyes of stars transmute 
into stellar magnetic fields 5

nighttime bursts
in a surreal infinity 


\{  \textvert{} \medspace | \medspace  \} = 0 \thickspace \thickspace \{0 \textvert{} |\medspace  \} = 1 \thickspace \thickspace \{ \medspace  \textvert{} | 0\} = -1  
{Numbers greater than | Numbers smaller than}
simplest number greater than all positives is ω  
but what about ω + 1?6 

while most stopped counting after omega, 
you didn’t  
you sat near the edge of infinity,
lost yourself there, 

the great pain  
of not understanding 
the paradox within 
an infinite number 
of paradoxes
transformed you,
nebulous {\omega}7, 
et in saecula saeculorum 8
until it  {\omega^{\omega^\omega}} 9 bursts 
 {\omega^{\omega^\omega}} 's attentive silence 
desintegra a la persistencia 
de la memoria 10 that falls into a  

<——s—u—r—r—e—a —l——> 

{ NGC 7293 |  NGC 2392 } =   {\sqrt{\omega}  surreal infinity11

captured by the rules of our time 
we remain, until a few manage 
to escape, and somehow become  
an interstellar planter of teocalli12,  
the cantors13 of dali, 
they explode into the nebulae 
we have longed to understand 
as blueprints of our stellar 
nucleosynthesis 14

  1. The Helix is Georg Cantor.
  2. Dali used a Cantor-style set in his painting "Face of War". Reference: Stillwell, J. The Real Numbers: An Introduction to Set Theory and Analysis, p.83
  3. The Eskimo is Salvador Dali.
  4. almost Earth-sized exoplanet orbiting within the habitable zone in the costellation of Aquarius
  5. White dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes have very strong magnetic fields. Stars or suns can become one these after their life ends. Each star depending on its initial mass will either end up as a white dwarf, neutron star, or black hole. Reference: http://michastrostudent.blogspot.com/2012/09/black-holes-neutron-stars-and-white.html?m=1
  6. A lecture to explain this section: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eAmxgINXrE
  7. omega
  8. forever and ever
  9. omega to the power of omega to the power of omega...
  10. disintegrates the persistence of memory https://www.salvador-dali.org/es/obra/catalogo-razonado/1952-1964/676/la-desintegracion-de-la-persistencia-de-la-memoria ・ This painting marks the end of Dali's surrealist paintings and the start of his scientific-transcendental (Dali calls it his "nuclear mysticism" work) ones. Reference: McNeese & Dali, Salvador Dali, p. 100
  11. https://thatsmaths.com/2012/11/22/the-root-of-infinity-its-surreal/
  12. nahuatl for "temple"
  13. cantor means singer, poet, actor in latin
  14. https://www.thoughtco.com/stellar-nucleosynthesis-2699311
Signature Lina Ru