The Piper, the Piper
plays its corporate flute,
will you follow or let it flow?

The Piper, the Piper,
Where is he taking me?
Where shall I fall?

Don't let me surrender 
and become their doll. 
I can't take it any longer. 
Oh, let me be stronger.

Don't let its mesmerizing 
music take me where I
do not want to go!

The Piper, the Piper's
corporate flute always
telling me where to go! 

Will I fall with them all
or will I let them go?

Who knows? Who knows? 
No one knows.

Who shall I follow?
Tell me, tell me,
shall I go along
or flow my own way?

That, only time will say.
The corporate flute played by the Piper is a metaphor of a social framework that asks us to walk toward the idea of sucess, that is, social recognition, power, or fame. If we believe what the corporate media tells us, then we are following the flute’s melody. It requires a strong will to walk away from that and do what makes you truly happy. We need new ways to do things in freedom and the Internet allows us to do so. Let’s be creative!
Signature Lina Ru