Why am I searching for an answer 
                 if I am an answer?
  Why am I searching for someone
                 if I am someone?
  Why am I searching for love 
                 if I am love?
  Why am I searching for life
                 if I am alive?

  Somewhat misunderstood, 
  these questions are searching
  for the best answer, one that leaks
  through the cracks silence leaves. 

  You see...          
                      The answer is not money. 
                      The answer is not power. 
                      The answer is not greed.
  The answer for a better life is not success.

  Why am I scavenging for money
      if I have enough to eat? 
  Why am I scavenging for power
      if I have a place to rest?
  Why am I scavenging for success
      if I do what I most love?   

  Somewhat missunderstood, 
  if you ask the right questions
  you might find the answer 
  is simpler than you might believe.

  The answer is peace. 
  The answer is faith. 
  The answer is generosity.

  What is your life's purpose?
  What does it mean to be alive? 
  The answer is happiness.
  The answer is fulfillment.
  The answer is compassion.
  The answer is a question: 
      Who am I? 

  Let's listen to ourselves, 
         our world, our mind, 
  this instant speaks
            through the cracks
  silence leaves, 
                 let's breathe. 
Are questions the door to freedom? Are you searching for an answer? Searching for a better life? If you are doing so, what are you willing to give, your peace of mind? If you are willing to go so far, are you sure you are asking the right questions? Should you better ask, what is a better life? Do we really need so much? What would happen if we lived in a world where I don’t need so much? What would too much be? Keep asking questions until you find out what kind of being you want to be, and then, be…
Signature Lina Ru