Open my eyes,
 				create heaven,
  become my galaxy.
  Let me touch the light 
  that your love converts 
  				into our home.  

  Rivers have grown
  with those past tears, 
  and my watery eyes 
  are growing flowers 
  that renew my hope.

  Please open my eyes,
  				create heaven  
  become my sunrise. 
  Let me enter the wisdom 
  that transforms the oceans 
  				into birthday stars.   

  Hearts have bloomed
  saddened memories,
  it is time to let go, 
  painting with colors 
  				of renewal.

 				 In this canvas,
  rivers glow, hearts grow
  into a balloon of renewal 
  that explodes into an open cosmos 
  of compassion that sees it all.   
What are we waiting for? Let’s create heaven with our love. Let the old tears flow, and grow into rivers of hope. New beginnings are each moment we are living. So please, open my eyes by loving me. I just want to see love.
Signature Lina Ru