Bits and Bytes
  creating thought,
  trying to understand
  who invented life:
  a battle of wits
  that end in wilt.

  Who invented life?
  Can life be invented?
  Was it God? Who is that? 
  It is not me, certainly,
  or am I it?

  If I were it, 
  how would I be?

  Never rich, never in fear,
  humble and free, weaving, 
  loving purely all I am, 
  Am I like that?
  Not that I know,
  then I am not God.

  Who invented God?
  Was it God? Was it me?

  If I were the inventor,
  it would be limited 
  by my thoughts and concepts,
  then as I am God:
  it is bits and bytes. 

  Trapped I am,
  in arrogance or belief
  if I speak in the name
  of who I am or am I not. 

  If proof there is,
  then why do I profess 
  in arrogant moods?

  Should I be more concerned 
  in understanding me, rather
  than preaching who I am not?

  Should I rupture my episteme, 
  rather than trying to blind
  those who wish to be light?

  I should become after that 
  the questions without answer,
  and perhaps...

  I would let live others
  as I would like to be let. 
  I would love others
  as I would like to be loved.
  I would love myself
  as I would like to be loved.
  I would be creating
  unconditional love,
  and not just  
  bits and bytes.

God is not that rich man that inhabits a huge mountain. If it were that, please let me become vacuum. What we think is God, can’t possibly be. A concept is never the reality, an actuality, but instead is bits and bytes. This means our brain creating ideas and beliefs. So, who or what is God? Think and question it by yourself. Leave peer pressure outside of your home’s door. What is home? Who are you truly? Let’s reach the question without answer with a song.

Signature Lina Ru