Why is there so much greed? Why does it seem so difficult to open our minds to others? Why is it that we linger to a perspective that is destroying our fulfillment? Why don’t we learn from the unconditional giving within life itself, nature and its creativity? What is so fundamental, so transparent, that we can’t see it insofar we don’t open our consciousness to the undisclosed truth?
                                                   In the arms 
                         of a petal, 
I rest. 

Forth and back I am rocked:
             forth and drops of trust I become,
                       forth and sun showered flowers I form, 
                                  forth and timeless springs I long,
vibrating in unison as a field song.

                  What is the exalted floral tiger at night saying?
        What is the babbling voice of the breeze caressing?
   What is the rhythmic water with salmon beats saying?
              What are the clouds dressing the sky caressing?
   What is the twinkling of trees by raven brooks saying?

                                         My thoughts are no longer mine,
                                sowing inside, joy,
                  as love speaks
about the spiral of sound,
                           oneness whose tune is no longer lonely 
                     because in the arms 
         of this flowing creation, 
                                                       clouded trees of flowers 
                                                       watered in spring breeze,
I rest as unconditionally giving.
We need to start seeing the other as oneself, that is to become truly empathetic. Why could this appear to be so difficult to do? The western tradition mostly has endured an individualist perspective. What would happen if we changed that perspective? Try to think through another lens and… Perhaps, you might realize that the truth is that we are not that alone; you might realize that we are all connected, that we are one.
Signature Lina Ru