Strongly, winds prevail, songs reveal 
trails of white rejoicing —weaving breath
							                  —rocking forth as unforeseeable storms. 

Peace awaits upon a rocking seagull, 
just remember, nothing is whole in wrath
'cause we seal away our fate with thorns!

Tears are tales in shattered ocean's walls;
thorns are patterns found in broken quests.
So stay awake, above the tide, absolving scorns
growling waves, until no sail enthralls
							                  —rock forth!
The seagulls of our life are the changes that take us into uncharted realms. The places where no one has yet been known to return, but against all odds, they go and await for the moment of transformation: The recognition of oneself as the source of awareness as clarity, transparency, creativity, and freedom. No more slavery of thought!
Signature Lina Ru