What I call evil,
is not a something  
but a withdrawal, 
destruction without  
a lack, withdrawal, 
empathy renounced,
consciousness unlit, 
bleak imagination, 
inattention stuck, 
bleary transcendence,
fabrications lost  
in the translation
of most convenient. 

Evil instigates.

If moths eat bulbs,
unprotected cubs 
stranded in unlit  
streets can't face
what I call evil. 

Shadows engulf
an abstraction
until our enemy 
becomes yourself. 

If emptiness grows 
apathy, eternally 
recur 'till empathy 
returns our every 
breath into clarity. 

If emptiness degrades 
the truth and shallows
our thinking, renounce 
the void: choose Amor fati!
until there's no fate 
but to transparent love
what is despite fears.

Shadows submit
your will into 
a lack, it traps
you, by craving,
it sucks you into
an unilateral blur
as desires attempt
to fill your void.

If you follow an idea,
fall prey to that ideal, 
you'll grieve the lack: 
imprisoned in shadows
a face blurs, ignores
and conceals 
the fullest:
an augmentation  
	of our creative  
	nectar, though 
briskly yanked 
	from the melting pot  
        that feeds narcissus
into our lifelines
        to teach us there is 
an inclination  
	no longer confined
        to an unilateral 
        blurriness, nor
	deafened by a void
eager to expand 
        through preying itself  
        after it got lost in

Ignore the existence
of the void and your
lacks will empty dry
reserves of beauty. 

Embrace what voids,
choose the evidence, 
even when knowledge 
pains as sudden light
hurts the eyes 'cause
moths ate our bulbs.

Illuminate mirrors 
that reflect cares 
until our face frees
itself from shadows.

If after all efforts,
we fail, keep sailing, 
there's no gold rush  
but truth to embrace.

Drops create oceans as
patience reaps veiled 
blossoms. Resolve voids
by sharing multilateral
visions that equate joy
to wisdom, forgiveness, 
care, illuminated acts
that sweep the shadow
of faces we could love. 

Signature Lina Ru