Where is home? Can someone tell me?
   I did. 
		  	I will.
					   I want
  to maintain myself low, high, 
  		tides go up, low, 
  ripples, and once again, 
 		 I am left all alone;
that's the way life rolls its dice. 
I didn't notice you were 
  	  		busy buying new dice.  

If you think the buyer is free, 
			think again! 

Life can throw dice 
			you would never buy. 

Prices go higher, never lower,
creating ripples, new tides 
as I wonder where does home 

The buyer is bought as fast as  
we paint him as a valley sleeping
upon the embrace of a heart's hum.

The new born kisses 
				the dice and throws,
	as he finds a home.

  Up, down, ripples,  
		new tides, 
			 welcome home! 
Ask yourself Where does my home lie? I have found home, but sometimes I prefer to wander around. Where will life lead me this time? What home will I chose? Where does home lie? The sunshine of love.
Signature Lina Ru