Love within concepts 
			is bounded 	
	to your ability to reason.
Love within contemplation 
			gives birth 
	to the limitless of our sight. 

						We are neither here or there, 
				but everywhere 
			if we have the love to observe 
what is not as clear to our senses 
			as it is to our minds 
			after having cleansed ourselves 
from the ties concepts elaborate. 

		If you are happy, 
can a dictionary 
		give you 
	its essential meaning?

						It can point to a direction, 
				but your experience 
			is now the one in charge 
of making you recognize 
			happiness in yourself, 
			not in the past, 
but by feeling happy 
									once and again. 

Love as happiness 
			is limited by the boundaries 
of our thoughts,
			unless we are being loving, 
so then, instead of having 
					our thoughts ruling, 
		there is awareness,
				which is truth 
for each instant 
			of our lives. 

Thoughts are illusions of the mind 
			that produce action that transcends 
		the boundaries of our concepts 
			because beyond our judgments 
there is reality,
		 one that hurts, 
			one that has no suffering, 
both, in love.

			One is not exclusive of the other, 
and as much as we could desire 
			to be free from pain, 
	it is pain itself the one 
		that makes us understand peace, 
but as much as we would desire 
		for pain to end, 
	there is no oasis, 
					but within ourselves: 
 	 a fountain of light 
				that cures it all until 
there is nothing more 
				left to be cured,
	so oasis exists. 

This might seem a contradiction, 
						but it is not.

It depends on the position 
					where you stand, 
then it all fits in place, 
			but at the same time...
It is a contradiction 
				painted of 
			white over black, 
			black over white, 
					white covers the black, 
					black covers the white, 
					and makes it all gray. 

As contradictory as it might seem to be free, 
only when doing what is best for you and me, 
					we reach a point of communion 
where if rational understanding can't yet see, 
					we can't leave it to the unreal, 
it must be lived, experienced, 
					and afterwards reasoned 
within the limits of concepts.
Let concepts roam free as they once were 
			before I had them limiting me 
by choosing 
			experience over thought, 
freedom over the idea of being free, 
happiness over the fantasy of dictionaries, 
			love over the idea of "me", 
			in circles, 
	once and again,
					until love becomes it all, 
peace becomes real, 
			the truth 
		within each one of us.

								Don't cry if it seems untouchable, 
live your tears by seeing others' pain, 
								and in that suffering, start giving,
until you lose yourself in others, 
							and in such disappearance of yourself, 
	the real you, 	
			the one beyond your thoughts 
will appear 
			free to be you, 
Signature Lina Ru