Flying in the perspective that many fear to reach, one can set an example. Thus, our world becomes a better place because there is no more violence because there is no more impotence but innocent liberty.

In such child liberty, one can become ONE with our dreams, so it can become a reality. A child knows no difference between dreaming and memories, and they play making it a reality.

After dreaming, 
memories come into being,
so I become a poet of eternal dreams,
a dreamer within the vastness of the unchained skies,
an enchantment for those who dare to leave the known 
and soar into the unexplored lands of their souls.

In the vastness of its fertile imagination, 
a mechanical seagull is rendered
as a magical voice of reality,
the one that soars in the rhythm 
of the multicolored wind.

Each rainbow song is a cloud of spring rain
that can be touched if I extend my arms
through the window of my aircraft
which is my mechanical seagull
that wishes in its flight 
to rediscover
the real significance of truth:
being limited but creating,
being mechanical but expanding,
being analytical but feeling,
being but dreaming 
in eternal freedom as wings 
that are able to open 
the windows of my soul
to the dreams spread around 
the vastness of the peace
I call forever space.


Fly as ONE with the wind
to change our entire life.

Perhaps, the difference between the inner and the outer is not as we have been taught to believe… and so, dreams are real just as memories were real. To say dreams are not real is to say that a shadow does not exist because you cannot see the creator of the shadow. Reality has a lot of visual tricks. Whenever we remember a memory, it comes into the present and by doing so it becomes alive again just as dreams.

If so, how heart do you dare to fly? Go into your dreams and beyond! Dreams are real. The proof is that if they weren’t, then the concept would not even be present in our minds. There would be no concept of dreams, and there is… So, dreams are real. How real are they? Well go into them and beyond, then realize it by yourself…

Video collaboration with Miro Kantarsky and Josef Kosik.

Signature Lina Ru