There is a lake
that gives birth to birds
that enlighten us
with reasons to be free
within the boundaries
of our thoughts,
each bird teaches
us a lesson
to help us learn
how to let go,
once the bird sees
we are ready
to observe,
its feathers turn
into flowers
that illuminate
our boundaries
a little bit more,
our colorful possibilities
expanded by the fan
of beautiful feathers
exposed to our hearts.

In that lake,
we assumed was hidden
the answer of the universe,
in desire we stole a feather
before it bloomed,
and decided to invent a bird
that would tell us
about it all,
so in our hands,
a bird was born,
its feathers
never blossomed,
but it showed us
what the lake
knew about us…

Silence, it knew
nothing at all.

So blind we had been!

It was not the lake
the one who had thoughts,
it was only us;
the boundaries were set,
and released by symbols
we chose,
not by real reasons
within a pot of gold.

Signature Lina Ru