If I understood words,
what would they be doing?

They were hiding love, 
transforming letters  
into emotions that 
change my mind-box. 

I wasn't sure why
or where my heart was
when those words 
gave me the blues.

I was a lonely feather 
in the vast ocean of tears. 

I traveled long distances
as the sunrise came to me. 

It was the morning breeze
that touched my heart 
as I understood I could paint
what words hid from me, 
		living within a dream. 

So I broke the mind-box, 
finding the color of hope. 
I could live inside a painted dream, 
		until I 
      open my eyes to the creation
           I was as I loved.  
There are times when our thoughts make us feel sad. Those moments are needed to understand how emotions can transform our surroundings. Is there a way out? Where is peace after observing our emotions with clarity?
Signature Lina Ru