Waveless left, withers, 
a wild sapphire dies,
can’t reach your skies
as the graveyard sighs, 
grief repeats history, 
différence, répétition, 
a wilted death cries. 

Grow a tsubaki to beget 
a legacy of regret that
can transform an instant
into a red undercurrent 
that searches for a scar
that can’t be found near
the river of what’s left. 

I wallow in the tears
you left, I left, no one
left, to lest we left
before a bye could be.

Surrendering to jet lag,
fortuity tears me apart. 

Duty calls the strongest, 
follow what must be done
without knowing if what 
is meant to be discovered
would break the begetters
traditions, those who told
you who to be. Both pulled 
into different directions, 
upward, downward, light 
stains as darkness needs 
the chandelier to guide 
us back to the passion 
that silences and clears 
up the skies as we fall 
asleep within a Borealis.  

Even if no word is said, 
I’ll lie in a cold stone 
path, waiting for a gale
of warmth to describe me
why volcanic lakes meet. 
If our essence was united 
by a core heat that stood 
near the words: find me,
why did our ignited felsic 
path suddenly settle cold? 
Melded near randomness,
willing to find reasons
to lie near a tsubaki
that knows why the scar
in your hand went home,
surrendered to a memory, 
a bonheur genetically 
instilled as a flowerbed
that repeats told stories. 

A desire for dire esteem
is vanity that hasn’t been 
sorted out, once sorted, 
close your eyes, be still,
I'm here, no one truly left, 
do we really need more? 

The final page is unknown. 

But as the last chapter's 
brim overfills and spills, 
can't fully grasp the end's 
taste even as life decided 
to sear yes into our ways. 

Graveyard’s stories spook
no more if grief wallows 
not. If you pinpoint what's  
the essential in our good 
will, you'll find me near
lightening a chandelier
where none should exist,
s'il y a besoin de plus 
de lumière, de la vérité, 
yeux fermé avant la nuit,
your forgetful innocence
wishes you blissful rest
loved by undying qulliq. 

Signature Lina Ru