Imagine infinity,
sense its aroma,
float near its temple,
and keep silent.

Admire the paradox
of being presented
in a chaotic interpretation
of your mind.

Imagine infinity,
touch gently
its feet,
imagine it
as a person,
make it real.

See yourself as a mirror,
and realize how subjective
reality is.

Imagine being immersed
so profoundly
that it becomes real
to your senses,
your vision of infinity
becomes who you are,
and at that instant
imagination becomes reality.

Imagine and be real.

Here and there
both create action,
and feels so here.

It is the fusion of perspectives
waiting to be understood
by those who can’t see their limits
due to their own fears.

Let me go.

I want to be real.

Why do you want me to stay
within your vision of reality?

Imagine infinity;
open your chest
by letting infinity
be breathed in.

Challenge your most
cherished beliefs.

Feel infinity
become you.

You made

Set your limits free
by giving yourself
to the other through
your expansive
so limitless
as your body is
as it breathes infinity
into its core,
so you let yourself go.

Do you want change? Do it from the core! We need to redefine our concepts of ourselves. Each one of us, individually, to study objectively the true nature of our minds by exploring our thoughts. Within this exploration of our thoughts, we can learn to observe how we are not defined by an idea, but an experience that constantly changes.

As a consequence, we can actually accept we can be wrong about our beliefs, thus respect others’ beliefs although we might not agree with them because we are aware that our beliefs are as right as others think their beliefs are. It is not about finding the truth about any particular belief, but the truth of our nature, the nature of our minds.

Each moment is an opportunity to understand ourselves, become better, and change if it is necessary to correct our positions peacefully, then will be able to actually understand what peace is, and live peace within ourselves.

Start by imagining… LOVE!

Signature Lina Ru