Life is just a dream, 
  life is just a candy tree. 
  We are chocolate treats, 
  full of leather leaves.

  Is it possible to make 
  our sugar dreams 
  Is it possible see the 
  passionate wind 
  behind our leaves?

  Life is just a treat, 
  candy, tiny tree. 
  Is it possible to feel, 
  so alive it can't be real? 
  So alive it must 
  				a dream... BE.
Appreciation is love We live our lives as if it were everything we’ve got. Is it for real? Are we just our memories: past and future? Or is the present so important we tend to forget something that is actually happening? Yeah, it sure happens. We know today is the day, but we live as if yesterday were all, and the future could be it all, again. Or is will be, at last. Yet, life is all you’ve got if you know how to love, and be loved, today. Or perhaps, not?
Signature Lina Ru