Sample Biography Blurbs

These are sample blurbs for informal press:

Lina is an independent artist that combines textuality with digital media, e.g. macro photography and poetic soundscapes, to reveal the poetics within the mundane. Lina has been doing so in order to extend the notion of poetry beyond the textual/visual. Also, although she creates poems to lead to some form of insight, it is also playful. Visit her art here:


Lina is a philosophic poet creating multimedia poetry. She is revealing the poetic, a boundless perceiving, within and beyond the textual, visual and acoustic. Lina is sharing a poetic interpretation of being: Being Poetry at


Lina defines herself as a philopoiet, a concept that comes from the greek -poiesis and –philo. Lina sees herself as a poet of love, that is, an artist that loves creating. Lina does this by combining different media to extend the notion of poetry beyond the textual through digital media at

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