Poems by Poetic Genre

Cry of Trees

木の泣くや シトシトとふる 花曇 きのなくや シトシトとふる はなぐもり kinonakuya shitoshitotofuru hanagumori cry of trees the...

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Twinkles of Minds

Water twinkles as memories sparkle, resonating as eternal springs, chirps awaken the deepest of my...

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Come What May

The curtain blends into my skin, as if asleep I had always been. Disrupt fright’s cage, let light...

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What we haven’t learned is that extremes gut us empty. Either masses, either riches, either...

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Concealed in a Rose

When I’m concealed inside a rose, I’m mesmerized by dew. Butterflies touch my nose. I’m the blood...

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