Sour candy, top shelf, 
open the ventilation,
burning inside out, 
candle sprouts an elf
dancing in adulation. 

We are all sea trouts; 
running, up, upstream,
searching the best self, 
elves, lost in migration.

It's bureaucratic cream:
Sign here. Don't shout!
Are you who you deem?

Sour candy, not a trout, 
an empty shelf is all I see.
We have the opportunity to be who we really want to be. There are certain decisions you took that might have left you lost in migration. You might not be aware of it at all. Or perhaps, you might be suffering because you live within the condition of rejecting your best self. How much courage and determination is needed to follow your true self and ignore those who want you to settle for less than fulfillment? Will you eat these green eggs and ham? If you do follow your dreams upstream, insisting, again and again, do you think you will find fulfillment? Persist as no one eats green eggs and hams without being insisted upon. Green? “No way”,” some say. It is those who don’t want you to challenge the bureaucratic cream that prevent you from going further. Its fluffiness is a hollow trap. The elf’s dance is a lie that you repeat yourself to stay where you are. Find the sweetness beneath your sour candy, fulfillment. Be a trout!
Signature Lina Ru