I became 
an untold memory 
that portrays 
a gracious mystery
          of love; 
that patiently 
for its spirit
          to be freed 
from its petty desires
just as the mirror of time 
does when being 
in front of its bubbling soul 
admiring the possibility 
of being eternal. 

in a hurricane of despair,
          I realized
I had to unleash the force
hidden beneath my skin
by plunging into the eyes 
of those who hunger 
          for hope.

          I became 
an oceanic glance
flowing in perpetual peace
by daring to submerge
into those hoping eyes,
an ocean of potentiality,
diving deep 
          until there 
was no more "me"
          to be saved,
no more "you"
          to be sensed,
only love 
          to be breathed. 

So at last, 
you and me,
          were free
as I found 
    my depth.
Signature Lina Ru