The symbol of time is eternity.
It is flowing by a river that knows 
silently the shortest way to its destiny, 
the ocean. 

We will through thought and lose ourselves 
pretending to know what is best but 
do we know?

The river keeps flowing,
the soil keeps moistening
while the grass mourns our passing 
and we, in silence, 
long for protection from the stars,
long for belonging, 
long for the origin of our thoughts,
but we don't know ‘what is’ 
and in not knowing we unite 
with the mother of all things,

We are the locus of time.
We are the essence of eternity 
that through another's grace 
are allowed to exist.

I exist as my mother let herself 
be one with another
and her grace liberated me 
from the nothingness 
I was about to become, 
and in such nothingness, 
I became everything I could be, 
eternity and grace, 
divinity itself.
Signature Lina Ru