When hunger creates unwillingly,
unknowingly and doesn’t destroy, 
we are no longer trapped in cycles
of biological imperative that dry
our throats. The sun demanded
more! The awe of a gas giant wasn’t 
enough. It consumed hydrogen, fused
helium, a consumerist struggle
attempted to seduce the weakest
until the strong awakened as Earth. 

Not fair, it’s said, a nebula died.

The void created by the heated wind
hides the prospect of life, indeed,
we began to transform near the heat.

Without heat, no balance could form. 

If the desires of the capitalist
sun keep rising, who will quench
the starving desolation of greed? 

When will we form a shield around
the havoc that destroys our home? 

Will we blame the capitalist sun
for the destruction of our home?

The capitalist sun seeks to grow
unaware that desire will destroy
what it gave birth to, our home.

For a while what the sun most
wants, it will repel, hydrogen.

Hungry it'll eat, fuse helium
and create a cozy Earth for us. 

But if the capitalist continues 
to heat the land, a breaking point 
will banish what the capitalist 
most wants: trees, hydrogen, air,
what they’re made of, compounds 
drenching in acceptance rather 
than dissent. Dissent, a reaction 
against the intrusion of despair.
But what they're made of escapes,
their force weakens as it heats
us with ignorance, will to power
means nothing when you’re gone.

Consciousness is what's precious,
not the fastness, for without
it there would be no awe within. 

Capitalist sun stole what it most
thought needed, it began heating
and a galaxy was formed. It was
when the consumerist shifted from
stealing to giving that we were
given a home. If we, at this home, 
can transform the nebula of Earth
into its own galaxy. Our taking
will be retributed to the Earth as
the Sun gives for the elements it 
was given to grow and sustain life
as we know it. We have taken enough, 
when will we form an Earthly galaxy? 

Soften your greed, slowly seek for
openness, create near the embrace
of fulfillment. The ephemeral jots
in blank lines, not in luxury pocket
books. If you don't slow down what
you consume, you'll shadow your
death in the bliss of a supernova
until your fate is near a black hole. 

The vastness of hydrogen strays
further away from the sun's grip
as it heats up its weak desires,
it burns what it fused, helium, 
creates life as carbon, oxygen,
repays us, Earth for the burnt
for million of years until red
it can't fuse any more of itself.   

Faced to the void, a balance must 
be wrought or capitalist we will 
fade as a black hole if we become 
a neutrino star obsessed in itself
with a gravity so strong no one 
will be able to escape; will we
choose to slow ourselves, give
as the sun capitalist does to us?

Will we shine for million of years
and repay what we have taken from
the Earth? Will we find a balance
before we supernova a new start?  

Or will we insist in sucking oil
until by shadows we die in a hole?  

Hopeful remain, despite ignorance, 
we've always found a path to sow
a renewal of what brings us joy. 

Through patience, a pathway grows.  


This video is courtesy of the Institute of Physics. It explains the life cycle of a star:

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