Frosty, frozen, freedom... 
Why am I here? 
						Snow preserves. 
Fancy, feeble, foundation...  
Where are those tears going? 
						Water divides. 

Shadows, sheer, shelter... 
Where will I go?  
						Wind conceals. 

Special, spur, space... 
Who am I? 
						Fire absorbs.  

The foundation of freedom is born 
as you paint in the sky of time, 
your long loved passion, 
using magical brushes of hope, 
the shadows of the mind cease, 
it is time to die,  
where will everything I have done go? 

						Snow preserves. 
				Water divides. 
		Wind conceals.
Fire absorbs. 

				My dearest friend,
		constant at the door,
	is change, 
					just let it in.
Signature Lina Ru