into my final hour,
blowing into my face
is snow.

No one
can stop
as it unfolds
into pieces
of creation.

As much as I seem
to describe;
there is nothing more
to say when it all
becomes crystal

It is winter
an enchantment
only the silent
can bear.


into my ocean of bliss,
a river of imagination
is growing.

I am transforming
into blossoms
of choice.

My fate is marked
as a glowing specie
of the underworld.

can hold being
when it is ready
to deliver.

No one
can hold you prisoner
if you are ready to

After belonging
the radio of experience
is tuned with the melody
of fulfillment.

Can you hear
the static?

Only then,
can you distinguish
purity from white noise.

The introspective
radio is turned on
by insight.

Be creative!

Life is within you;
just don’t turn
the radio off.

In this process of internal growth, what will each one of us decide? To live by the expectations of others or to live by our own fine internal tuning. No one can tell you what is right or wrong, and if they do: How can you be certain that is the truth? As an analogy, one needs to use an internal radio. One that is clear from the fog of desire. In this clearing, one is aware of everything that surrounds us, so eventually one can experience what freedom really means.
Signature Lina Ru