Nothing but love sustains me. 
Tears burst as I see the eyes of those who suffer.
Why do we suffer? Why don't we smile? 
What can be more painful than being unloved?
If I can't be unloved, then why do I cry?

The Trick or Treat is me. 

If I smile, if I love, 
then everything I see is love 
but I doubt, I doubt myself, 
I doubt myself and others too much. 
What to do? What to do? 
Can't suffer any longer -- whispering.
Just love (truth lingers as whispers). 
Nothing but love sustains me
if love is everything that is. 

The photograph is a lettuce leaf. It represents that even that leaf is love. The poietic act of a leaf is love as it grows and expresses what it is through a creative process that in turn gives us life.
Signature Lina Ru