Crème caramel, delight astray,
after a glaze touches our way,
we’re distracted by its glitter.

Falls into a dessert of litter, 
pieces of memories forgotten.
Don't need them? Throw them! 

We’re enthralled by the scent 
of ashtrays, puffs of dissent  
draw a map toward nothing.

We are not tough but coughing.
I can’t accept reality’s bites.

Blood is a reminder of contrite
eyes, discovering their blind 
acceptance of what lonely binds 
them to a future without water
as their havoc cries… Father!

Why couldn’t you be a reflective
prism who desired not to live,
but thrive beyond a petty pocket? 

What seems glittery is a littered
seabed, what I see is a belittled
future... Cents spent on clothes
never worn, gas drunks, feathers
adorning a sickened imagination
that ignores how contamination
starts not in dirt but in minds. 

Don’t cry a not have but remind 
yourself, what you do have, shine
through kind wisdom to be thine.

The unkind suffer in the thicket.

Signature Lina Ru